Understanding CEUs & Traffic Lights

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1. CEU Tools & FAQs

🟠 The CEU Program (click to download)

CEU-Guide - BNI Alabama.pdf

🟠 Guide for Reporting your TYFCB (click to download)

How to Report TYFCB - BNI Alabama 2023-11-29.pdf

2. Traffic Lights Tools & FAQs

Understanding Traffic Lights - FAQs (long post - click to open & read)


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Your chapter directors often know a good bit about R2Y. Please contact them with questions. Also, you can direct your fellow members to this post whenever they have traffic light questions.


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Traffic Lights DIY Tool (in Google Drive)

3. Using Reporting2You

🟠 Important R2Y Notes

🟠 Register for R2Y as a New User

🟠 Log in to R2Y

🟠 Understanding R2Y downloaded file names

When you download reports from R2Y, their file names include acronyms that are very unclear. 

Use this acronym list to understand the files. An example screenshot is at right, where we added the definition to the file name. 

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