From BNI Leadership Manual: Our Policies, Values, Guidelines

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BNI Policies, Values, Ethics, and Guidelines

🟠 General Policies

🟠 Core Values

🟠 BNI Code of Ethics

🟠 Guidelines for Visiting Other Chapters 

🟠 Best Practices for Utilizing Substitutes

A Sub's primary purpose is to represent a BNI Member. 

BNI recommends minimal use of a substitute. However, a Member may use substitutes up to three times in a six-month period.

Also Important

NOTE: a chapter may also implement their own substitute requirements

🟠 Understand the Attendance Policy

BNI® General Policy #5: 

“A BNI Member is allowed 3 absences within a continuous 6-month period. If a Member cannot attend, they may send a substitute; this will not count as an absence.”



Absences and tardiness mean less business for Members; therefore, the Membership Committee may give warnings to 

Members who are consistently late or leave early.  If the problem continues, the Member’s classification may be subject to being re-opened.

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