Payment Steps

for Applicants, Renewing Members, and Non-Profits

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➡️ Payment Steps

👉 #1 - Approval Email

Step #1 - Approval Email

👉 #2 - Choose Length of Membership

Step #2 - Choose Length of Membership

👉 #3 - What to do if you see the "Annoying White Screen"??? 

If you see a plain white screen at the payment page:

👉 #4 - Payment Pulldown Menu shows 2 options. 

1. Online Credit Card Payment

2. Other

---> Option #1: "Online Credit Card Payment" 

If you choose option #1, you'll be redirected to our online credit card processor page: 

👆 Our online credit card processor screen. 

---> Option #2: "Other" 

If you select, "OTHER," you will soon receive an email with a link where you can:

NOTE: Once you submit, please be patient - we will email that link as soon as we can. 😊

👉 #5 - Confirmation Page


Step #5 - Confirmation Page

➡️ Monthly Payment Plan

👉 How It Works

How it Works (part 1 of 2)

How it Works (part 2 of 2)

👉 If a Monthly Payment Fails

If a Monthly Payment Fails (1 of 3)

If a Monthly Payment Fails (example: expired debit/credit card, bank account changes, lack of funds, etc.):

If a Monthly Payment Fails (2 of 3)

Life happens. (We understand.)  

If your first payment plan fails, we will help you to subscribe to a replacement monthly plan ONE TIME

If a Monthly Payment Fails (3 of 3)

If your 2nd payment plan also fails:

👉 Rate Changes / Refund Policy

➡️ How to use PayPal as a "Guest" (AKA: using it without logging into a PayPal account) 

IMPORTANT:  you CANNOT update your payment source in the future if you originally subscribed as a "Guest." 

👇PayPal's Guest Option - screenshot #1

👇PayPal's Guest Option - screenshot #2

👇PayPal's Guest Option - screenshot #3

➡️ Learn about PayPal's "Line of Credit" 

➡️ Request a Payment Waiver (Reserved for Non-Profits or for special circumstances)

Renewing your membership, but want to exercise a Certificate of Credit from a former employee of yours? 

Are you with a Non-Profit Organization and need your fees waived?

Experiencing a temporary setback and need some breathing room?

We can help. 

➡️ Our Rate Card

Download our Rate Card HERE

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