Resources for Launching New Chapters

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Core Responsibilities

Contact Spheres

🟠 How to Find Them

🟠 Most Common (fillable worksheet)

Contact Spheres - Eight by Six - most common (Fillable PDF).pdf

Graphics, Downloads, Worksheets

🟠 Graphic to download - 2023 Year in Review

🟠 List of 40 Names in 40 Minutes

Visitors Day Exercise - 40 names in 4 minutes.pdf

🟠 Communication Examples to Use (social media, email, etc.)

Comms examples.docx

🟠 List of Classifications/Seats

Understanding the Visitor Experience

🟠 Visitors - Listen to "The Visitor Experience" (mp3s) 

🟠 Visitors - Read about the Experience Process

Visitors - Experience Process 2021-08.pdf

🟠 Visitors - Five (5) Steps to Help Them Enjoy the Meeting

Visitors - Five Steps to Helping Visitors.pdf

Learn How to Invite Visitors (3 videos)

Visitor Orientation & Follow-Up Tools

🟠 Download this Visitor Orientation Script

🟠 Download this Membership Interest Sheet

🟠 Download this Infographic - Ideal Timing for Engaging with Visitors

🟠 Download this Flyer: Inviting Your Visitor to APPLY