New Members - Start Here!

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Step #1 - Set up BNI connect® 

🟠 Establish your BNI Connect account 

  1. Use a web browser on a computer...NOT a mobile device. 
  2. Start by clicking this link
  3. Enter the email address you applied with.  A password reset email will be sent to you. 
  4. Locate the email & click the button in it.. Follow steps to establish/log into your account.
  5. Finish setting up all details in your BNIC profile. (Your BNI Connect Profile - Make it work for you!")

🟠 Get the BNI Connect Mobile App 

  1. Download Mobile App - iOS  | Android 
  2. Log in by using the BNI Connect credentials you established above.

🟠 Need BNI Connect Help?  

  1. Submit Support Ticket Here

Step #2 - Set up BNI® Business Builder (wait 1-2 business days after receiving your welcome email)

🟠 Establish your BNI Business Builder account (wait another 1-2 business days after receiving your welcome email)

BNI Business Builder is an academy hosted by an online learning program called Schoox. Your account is automatically created 24-48 hours after your membership becomes active in BNI Connect. 

At that time, do the following:

  1. Use only CHROME or FIREFOX.  Visit
  2. Using the SAME email that's in your BNI Connect profile, set up your Business Builder account (the passwords can differ, if you wish)

🟠 Get the BNI Business Builder Mobile App

  1. Download Mobile App - iOS | Android
  2. Log in using the BNI Business Builder credentials you just established above.

🟠 Need BNI Business Builder Help? 

  1. Submit Support Ticket Here

Step #3 - Join us on the web!

🟠 Request to join our Members-Only private Facebook group


🟠 Get social with BNI Alabama on the following platforms


🟠 Websites, podcasts, and social media links for BNI Global and Dr. Ivan Misner

Step #4 - Refer a Professional Associate

🟠 Know someone who could be interested in the growth a BNI membership offers?

Consider joining Leadership!⭐  

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